Beach Walk 3 – 24 February 2006

E komo mai and welcome to show number 3 of Beach Walks with Rox. The winter rains continue, so we went in the afternoon. Natch, we ran into some friends! (Aloha to Lynn and Carl.)

About Today’s Show:

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Music is Kaimoku: The Ukulele Experiment

This morning it was raining. Pretty darn hard. We haven’t figured out a way to rain-proof the camera yet, so the beach walk was postponed until late afternoon. This shows feature a little more of Lexi (our wonderful dog) and how she is helping me meet people both offline (on the beach) as well as online. I was a little tired today, so you’ll also get to see my first blooper, aka “blond moment!”

Upcoming Show Teaser: I am determined to get a surf board soon and plan to let you in on that process. I’m currently accepting advice from the surfers out there who might want to influence my long board purchase. (Hint: Call the Conch line!)

Hawaiian words
‘Ä«.lio: dog
ho’oikaika kino: exercise
hoa.loha: friend
nalu: surf

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