Beach Walk 157 – Rox Theory of Connectivity

Awakening to the fact that we are all connected, all related.

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I read this morning in The Week that 8 out 10 people won’t turn off their cell phones even during sex. At first, you might think this is very neurotic. But it struck me that so many of us are very hungry to connect with each other. On some level, technology is giving us a much more potent way to do that, and people in general just can’t seem to get enough of it! Note to investors: anything that helps people connect with each other is a good bet.
I believe that we are truly are connected, on the spiritual level of things. Yet one of life’s many games is pretending how separate we are. My friend Shaina Noll sings a song by Susan McCullen, You Can Relax Now that shares this message so beautifully:

You had a dream
You misunderstood
You thought we were separate
But now you hear my voice and
You can relax now
C’mon and open your eyes
And breathe deeply now
I am with you.

There are sayings that have been around a long time, like “You hurt the ones you love the most.” What does that really mean? What if it meant that those closest to us are willing to bear witness to our explorations of self? What if we are as deeply connected to our enemies as we are to our loved ones, what does that say about the prospects for peace?

On the other hand, what if all the “superficial” sharing on MySpace and YouTube is really a joyful reawakening of our unity?

Hawaiian words
Hoʻomanaʻo: remember
Pili ʻana: connection

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Beach Walk 143 – Grownups for Peace

It takes a grownup to be able to respond to an emotional attack or accusation.

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About Today’s Show

I am one of those people can see both sides of an issue relatively easy. That sometimes makes it difficult to know what my true preference is. Nonetheless many people become very attached to their point of view, and now the internet gives us each a place to shout out all those things we’ve kept bottled up inside. It is indeed very liberating.

Unless you are the recipient of someone else’s unleashed outrage.

It takes a grownup to not take those things personally (in the emotional sense) yet still be able to listen to the root of the message. Yelling feels awfully good; but two people yelling at each other rarely solve the problem.

I am looking for people who are passionate about their beliefs yet are willing to listen to other points of view. Tell me how you manage to reign in the urge to shout back. Let’s teach each other how to send the #2s out to play while the grownups (our #1s) solve problems.

Those adorable real kids in today’s show are our friends Caroline and Christopher.

Here are some links for things mentioned in the show.
Robert Scoble
Learn what I mean about #1 and #2

Hawaiian words
ʻUwā: shout
Lohe pono: to listen carefully

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Beach Walk 109 – Ebb and Flow

Learn about inner peace and outer action with Jen of

h3. About Today’s Show

Today I met my new friend Jen of We discovered each other online, and met in person at Crissy Field near the Golden Gate Bridge. Jen and her husband Kent practice engaged Buddhism, and are committed to using the Internet to bring more peace to the world.

Mahalo for your patience receiving this show. The problem last night was the internet connection at our hotel. Technology is temperamental while traveling!

Hawaiian words
Maluhia: peace

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Beach Walk 97 – Memorial Day in the Pacific

Today is Memorial Day in the U.S. to honor soldiers who died in war.

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h3. About Today’s Show

Shane edited an amazing show today for us. It is dedicated to my Dad in honor of his tremendous suffering in World War II, and with special thanks to my friend Eric, who has taught me more about life than he can imagine.

Today’s show was filmed at the Hawaii Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. 50,000 leis were donated, and over 100 young -Girl- Boy Scouts (thanks for the correction Mark) placed a lei and a flag on each gravestone. I was quite stirred to be in the presence of death while smelling the sweet scent of plumeria lei. Though most of those buried here are from modern wars, this “punchbowl” of an ancient volcano was the site of Hawaiian aliÊ»i burials and human sacrifice of those who violated the kapu or taboos.

I wonder if there is a trend taking place regarding war. World War II still has the aura of being a “good cause” war. Yet it was as devastating and terrifying as any war. My dad fought in Europe, and only recently has he been able or willing to discuss even the smallest details about it.

Now there is Iraq v2, and I am quite amazed at how many soldiers and generals are publicly challenging.

The times, they are a changin’. People like me who prefer to make love not war, welcome you!

Maybe future wars could be fought in Second Life. There would be less blood shed without sacrificing the thrill so many have for conflict.

Show music today is “Amazing Grace” by David Spak

Hawaiian words
PÅ«owaina: _hill of sacrifice_
Kaua: war
Kapu: taboo
Maluhia: peace
Aliʻi: royalty

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