Beach Walk 627 – Making Metaphors & Bread

We seem to be having a combination of vog (volcanic ash and fog) lingering around and it creates a beautiful silvery feeling at the beach.

Meanwhile, Shane took me up on a request and made some homemade bread, that started a little messy but turned out ʻono-licious! Plus you get a peek or two at the teenage girls practicing in the outrigger canoe.

Hawaiian word:
ʻOno: delicious
Palaoa: bread

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Beach Walk 405 – Breaking Patterns

Yes, it’s a theme this week. I’m working on getting rid of a neurosis or two, and talking out loud makes it easier to stay focused on the task.

It was a nice low tide so I took advantage of the beach to draw a little diagram of what was on my mind. I find it so easy to fall into unconscious patterns; going to the beach, slowing down, and putting my mind to work really helps me break the cycle.

Turned into one fine day for me, as Rob Walch of Podcast 411 published an interview we did a few weeks ago. Rob is the master at podcast interviews. And, Doctor Trey (who inspired my sunglasses and is producing Mighty J – episode #364) released a show he recorded with Secret Cameraman and me last Saturday. Please go listen up!

And after 6 months of prodding, I’ve surrendered and started using my Twitter account.

Hawaiian words
Huila: cycle

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