Beach Walk 576 – Passion and Process with Carol Lin

Remember Carol? She was on Beach Walk 393 last year when we met at the BlogHer conference in New York.

A former CNN anchor, she is building a social network for cancer survivors and their families and care givers. She shares with us what this process has been like. Plus, one side benefit to the connections she has made as a result is revealed at the end of the episode! (Hint: Mike Dowling)

Hawaiian Word:
kaunu: passion

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Beach Walk 541 – Myth of Passion

I can’t remember what triggered this episode, but I do get tired of the same “find your passion” message.

It’s often issued by people who (a) have a lot of passion and think that everyone else should too or (b) people looking for their own passion, hoping it holds out some form of happiness.

If we are to really let it be true that people exist along infinite points on any topic or spectrum, then surely there are many who are most at home at every point between passion and lethargy. My sweet spots varies by day, by task, by all kinds of things – many of which are unpredictable. To find happiness that doesn’t require passion or the pressure to be passionate, that is my goal.

Hawaiian Word:
Kauna: passion

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Beach Walk 246 – Passionate and not Invested

I really want you to vote for us in the Vloggies (I feel that passionately!) but it doesn’t matter if I win or not.

Being passionate about something yet detached from the results is a real “zen” thing to accomplish, yet I tackle these sorts of goals every day! I try to see how much I can tap into my true preferences, and then, “drop it” and let the universe take over for me. After all, there’s much more going on than I can see from behind my own eyes.

Hawaiian words
Konikoni: passion
Lilikoi: passion flower
Hoʻokaʻawale: detach

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