Beach Walk 685 – In Support of Changemakers

One of the profound yet not often acknowledged (by me) benefits of living in community with other people is that some choose to be the ones who go forward into the unknown, and those adventures ultimately inform and inspire the rest of us. I often think of myself as one of those explorers. Sometimes though, I feel pressure to have to always be on the front line. Today’s episode honors those others who have shown me the way, especially my parents, Blanche and Bill.

Hawaiian Word:
Loli: change, transformation

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Beach Walk 269 OTR – Parents Promote Diversity

When I see this title, it feels like Biology 101. But I’d like it to weigh in with Psychology too!

I’ve had some observations after visiting with my parents. First, I was reminded of the fundamental relationship principle: opposites attract. Then I realized how the offspring of a couple shares those opposites in multiple ways. And actually becomes a bridge of peace, an expanded consciousness, and hence it is unstoppable that we are moving towards a greater sense of understanding each other. Though yes, some days it feels slower than a snail’s pace.

Anyway, I was half asleep and sleep-deprived, so this show may or may not make much sense to you. It just seems like a brilliant, subversive mechanism to get us disparate souls connected slowly but surely.

Tomorrow, I fully expect to be back at the beach in Hawaii!

Hawaiian words
Makua: parent
Keiki: children
Malu: peace

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