Beach Walk 703 – Specific Accuracy

Writing up the notes for today I realize yesterday was about “distort” and today is about “accurate.” This political season has a lot of people tossing around terms like right, wrong, stupid, smart, etc. These things feel good to say but are generally not provable. They are full of loopholes, shall we say. But when you are very specific, either about descriptions or your opinions/feelings, then you will almost always be accurate and spot on.

Hawaiian Word:
Pololei: accurate

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Beach Walk 638 – To Make a Choice

Just about every weekend I have this dilemma at least one of the two mornings: get up early and do a bunch of things I want to do or stay in bed, read and “do nothing.” Both are very appealing, and I find myself going through all sorts of contortions trying to decide, then trying to be comfortable with my decision.

It dawned on me that this pressure associated with choice, often drives a range of forced rationalizing and attempted formulas, when in reality, it just doesn’t matter. No reasons required. Just be here now.

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Hawaiian word:
Koho: choice, to choose
Koho mua: first choice

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