Beach Walk 431 – Homage to Noodlescar

Rox tries to be half as funny as Noodelscar Bonnie up on the Pali Lookout today.

Lan and Bonnie were here for the weekend. We had a great time getting to know them, as we all revealed parts of ourselves not usually seen. Who knew that Bonnie likes tako poke (octopus with sesame oil & spices) or that Lan is so utterly polite and easy-going? As much as I love the internet, it sure is nice to hang out in “up front and personal” real time and space.


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Hawaiian words
mālamalama: enlightenment, clarity

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Beach Walk 429 – Welcoming Guests

We have friends coming to visit tonight from the mainland and I’m giving them partial credit for our new screen door!

People have their own energy, and it travels out side of the physical space and I would say outside of the temporal space too. We are making our house welcome for our guests, and that is the Hawaiian phrase for today.


Hawaiian Word
Hale: house
Hoʻokipa: to welcome
Malahini: visitor, foreigner
Ka hale hoʻokipa malahini

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Beach Walk 256 OTR – Alcatraz – Escape from Reality

It’s a foggy day as we venture out to Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay.

A few of my videopbogging friends are making an improv movie and I wanted to see this place. It was a federal prison for many years, then claimed by American Indians to publicize their sovereignty claims. It’s now part of the Golden Gate National Park. Only three were known to have escaped. Their bodies were never found and “presumed drowned.” The currents are very strong and the water is very cold. Check local wind and water temperatures.

Please visit my fellow videobloggers’ sites:
Paul Knight, PJK Productions
Phil Campbell, R3wind
Bonnie Pierzina, Noodlescar
Lan Bui, Video of the Moment

Update: Here’s the movie my fellow video bloggers produced:
Vloggies the Movie


We’re on Akimbo! That is a service that lets you download selected programs from the internet and watch it on your TV. Beach Walks is one of only 8 video podcasts to be accepted!

Hawaiian words
Hale paʻahao: prison

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