Beach Walk 386 – Visual Rewards with NikePlus

Take a peek at the online interface and exercise tracking tools from NikePlus and the iPod Nano.

Still “glowing” (and a little short for words) from my one hour run, I plug in the NikePlus tracking device to my computer and show the stunning visuals that track my distance, speed, and accumulated records.

We were not compensated in any way for this show and we paid full retail for all of the gear used in this show. If you want to join NikePlus and create a challenge together, please let me know!

iPod Nano Sport Kit
Mindy’s Outrigger Site

Hawaiian words
Holo: run

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Beach Walk 339 – Get Fit with Rox

I’m getting a Nike Plus for my iPod. Anybody else want to help each other get fit?

A while ago, Secret Cameraman got a Nike Plus which is a gadget that connects to your iPod and along with a show sensor, measures the miles you walk/run. It then tracks it for you in this beautiful online interface and allows you to connect with others in setting goals, etc.

I’ve been missing a fair amount of my regular exercise, so I bought one today with the hope that a new gadget will help me get back on track. If you already use a Plus or just want to set some goals that we in the Beach Walks community can support you in meeting, then please leave me a comment and we’ll figure out a way to make it happen.

What are your goals? Do you find fitness easy or challenging or irrelevant?

Hawaiian words
Holoholo: to take a walk
Hoʻoholo: to run, move swiftly
Hana like: to do together

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