Beach Walk 528 – Vedic Astrology with Sally

We were walking down to the beach (water is still officially closed) and we “ran into” Sally Spencer, a woman I see often on the beach and with whom I’ve chatted on “MySpace”: now and then. I have really liked her energy.

She’s a practitioner of Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology, based on Hindu beliefs and related but different from western style astrology. She tells us about in today’s episode. It has a sacred basis and supports much more activities to influence your planets that is common in western astrology.

What’s cool IMO, as a sidebar, is all of the interesting people we meet living aloha here in Hawai’i. It’s so diverse and rich (maybe other places are too) yet because of the openness and sunshine we actually get to meet them walking the beach!

Sally’s Web Site
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Hawaiian Word:
Hōkū hele: planet

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Beach Walk 525 – Periscope Down

All this talk about multitasking…it’s time to talk about its corollary – deep focus, being in the flow, in the zone.

I find it a wonderful experience. And goodness knows there are plenty of things keeping us from being able to focus for periods of time.

Intel now has no email Fridays, when employees are encouraged not to use email for internal communications. I love that idea. I’ve taken to checking it far less often during the day, other wise it can easily turn into the tail wagging the dog.

Hawaiian Word:
Kahe: flow

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