Beach Walk 529 – Outdoor Circle Tree Blessing

The Outdoor Circle is a nonprofit organization here in Hawaii that strives to keep things “Clean, Green, and Beautiful.”

They have several chapters throughout the state, and my local chapter, Lani-Kailua, held an oli or blessing ceremony at the planting of some new trees along a major meridian. Today’s episode is a chance to experience our local culture at its best! Haunani Kauka and ʻIlima Stern, of Aloha Blessings, performed the ceremony beautifully.

Mahalo to the city/county/state officials (including Mayor Mufi Hanneman, Councilwoman Barbara Marshall, Lester Change of Parks & Rec, and Stan Oka, Urban Forestry) and the Outdoor Circle for working together on this project.

The Outdoor Circle
Aloha Blessings
Lani-Kailua Outdoor Circle

Hawaiian Word:
Oli: blessing

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