Beach Walk 125 – Money, Money, Money

Money undergoes a “sea change” and I am back at the beach in Hawaii.

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First, I am so glad to be back home. While traveling yesterday though, I read an interview in Fortune with Warren Buffet, who is giving away 85% of his wealth. Meanwhile, in Vanity Fair, the millionaires are upset over how the billionaires are driving up the cost of housing. It seems in most places, including my own town here in Hawaii, that adults kids cannot afford a home in the neighborhoods where they grew up. I don’t like this, and would like to see a more equitable distribution of wealth. What about you?

If CEO’s do better when incentivized with more money, wouldn’t that concept apply at all levels of the org chart? If 85% of Americans support an increase in the minimum wage, why doesn’t congress (“our representatives”) pass one? They find time to give themselves a raise every year. What do you think?

Hawaiian words
Kālā: money

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