Beach Walk Audio 7 – Making Sense of Nonsense

beachwalkaudio graphicTodays’ audio was recorded beach front in Waikiki at sunset.

We were in the newly remodeled “Beach Walk” area of Waikiki (no relationship to our Beach Walks!) We were discussing several of the aspects of this multi-million dollar renovation and how the brilliant minds and big budgets approved a few of the aspects.

P.S. No enhanced podcast today.

Hawaiian words
Noʻonoʻo kūpono: common sense
ʻAno ʻole: nonsense

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Beach Walk Audio 6 – Sharks and Moms

beachwalkaudio graphicA two-topic episode and one amazing day!

Watch this episode in iTunes to see the embedded photos or check them out on Flickr. We had a shark sighting at the beach: one 10′ tiger shark. It caused the lifeguards to post a special sign, but otherwise, beach as usual. Gorgeous and inviting.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom Blanche. I love how we get along these days! (It wasn’t always that way…)

Links for reference:
Beach Walk #182
The Shark Movie I was in – Tiger Shark, Beyond Fear

Hawaiian words
Makuahine: mother
Manō: shark

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