Beach Walk 35 – Spring Sunshine

I think today qualifies as a miracle.

h3. About Today’s Show

A while back we recorded two shows in one day, thinking it would be nice to have a little backup. Today it came in handy, as the digital video camera broke. So we recorded a brief intro with my small Olympus (mostly still) camera, and plopped it in front of the back up show we had in the can! The only inaccuracy is that today the water was still closed due to contamination, whereas I am fresh from swimming in the show in the can. I suspect you’ll forgive the slight time shifting of the content.

What makes a miracle? Many things I believe. But I want to thank you the viewers as I am convinced that you have been sending us good vibes over here to Hawaii, and we have felt them.

Otherwise, easy summary for this show. Feeling cranky? Take a nap or get some rockin’ good sleep.

Hawaiian words
Hana mana miracle
Moe: sleep

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