Beach Walk 281 – Mind Body the Flu Edition

Back on the beach, meditating on making use of the flu.

I’m not “well” but I’m feeling better and so we have a literal beach walk show for you today. I like to use illness and down time as a meditation opportunity. How might my body be opening up my perception? What’s going on with my throat chakra? I don’t buy 100% cause and effect, but I do like the exploration of “what if.”

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P.S. I passed on the swim. That’ll make Mom and Secret Cameraman happy.

E komo mai (welcome!) to those of you who heard about us from the BBC News Online.

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Hawaiian words
MaÊ»: sick
Puʻu: throat

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Beach Walk 161 – Left Right Mind Body

Talk about the Blogher conference and how we are moving past innate gender differences into experience and consciousness.

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About Today’s Show

I love paddling the 6-person canoe as it is a metaphor for so many things. Today I realized that even though there are approximately equal percentages of females and males, 70-95% of people are right-handed. Some people believe that the right side represents the male/yang energy and the left side represents the female/yin side. I wonder, does that indicate that the majority of us operating from the male point of view? (Being right-handed?)

I noticed that my left arm is weaker and less coordinated, and, that though I consider myself a reasonably strong woman, I still defer a lot when I wish later I hadn’t. So I used the time to work on my stroke, and build “muscle” in my mind and body for having a strong left side, regardless of what it may actually represent!

Here is the BlogHer site.
The show I was talking about with Ben Barres is #148 – Size Matters in Football.

Hawaiian words
Hui hou: together
Hou: again

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Beach Walk 103 – Injury: Irritation & Insight

Join me in the beach lounge today; my left foot is on leave.

h3. About Today’s Show

Right “out of the blue” I have developed plantar fasciitis, aka pain in the heel where the arch muscles of the foot attach to heel bone. An irritating injury to be sure as it hurts to walk. But also an insight perhaps; it’s time for a rest.

It bugs me when people take the concepts of mind-body medicine and then go backwards to place blame. What does that mean? Well, if there is a mindful and/or emotional component to illness (which in many cases there is I believe) that does not require you to blame yourself for getting the illness. Clearly the notion that only bad people get cancer sounds silly, now doesn’t it?

If an illness produces an insight, or a freedom, or a change, that is a bonus gift. It doesn’t mean you should have figured it out beforehand if only you had been smart enough, or prayed enough, or whatever enough. Ebb and Flow has a good discussion on this you can also check out.

Hawaiian words
ʻEha: hurt

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