Beach Walk 532 – How to Find Good Hawaiian Music

It’s Aloha Friday and we have some music and talks story at the beach with Mighty J and Kanoa of Gomega.

They are artists who are born and raised Hawaii but creating some new sounds and lyrics here in the islands. It hasn’t been that easy, despite their amazing talent. Listen in and then weigh in with your comments and suggestions please!

Mighty J Music
Kanoa of Gomega

Hawaiian Word:
Mele: music

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Beach Walk 516R – This is Where It’s At

Happy -Monday- Tuesday!

I am traveling this week so please enjoy some of our favorite episodes in the Hawaiiana category. My apologies as well as I had a big problem uploading these files. We are starting off the week with a shoot from the recording studios of Doctor Trey with our favorite local girl band, MightyJ. Please check out their site so you can buy their wonderful music and find out where they are playing live, here in the islands.

You can see Lexi got lucky too.

Hawaiian Word:
Mele: music

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Beach Walk 364 – This is Where It’s At

Join me and Lexi in the studio as Mighty J records the last song for the upcoming CD!

Yet another incredible new song by Mighty J. Though we are usually on the beach in the sunshine, Lexi and I could not pass up this opportunity to be in the studio with Mighty J and Doctor Trey for our “one year’s eve” episode!

Mailani is one half of the well-known, Keahiwai one of my favorites. Here’s Mai’s MySpace page too,
Tiks is from Milo Shade,
Jenn plays with Kanalo and with Zaysha in the acoustic band Simple Souls.

It’s Doctor Trey who is the genius producer behind this group, who BTW has their own Mighty J TV show at the web site. Please go on over there and subscribe after you watch this show. If you haven’t discovered contemporary Hawaiian musicians, then check out their web sites too.

I did get scolded once by the doctor; forgot my guest status for a moment and went into boss mode. Sorry Trey. 🙁

Hawaiian words
Wahine: woman
Mele: sing, music
Kolu: three

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