Beach Walk 461 – Girls Night Out

We’ve been following Mighty J for months as they write the songs on their newly released CD.

Today’s episode features their brand new release music video! Find out where to get the CD here.

And go check out their site!

Hawaiian Word:
Wahine: women
Pō: night

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Beach Walk 449 – Kanekapila with Matt Love

I went to a Slack Key Guitar (kī hōʻalu) symposium that was sponsored by the State Arts Commission, but couldn’t get permission to film. No problem!

We had our own concert afterwords with Matt Love, who magically sat behind me in the Paliku Theatre, and of course, he had his guitar in the car! Please take a listen to his falsetto-style singing along with his guitar playing a song written by Dennis Kamakahi. His daughter Fran does a fantastic intro to today’s episode too!

Matt has an album for sale. Please email him at [email protected] or contact his daughter Fran at [email protected].

Speaking of music! Mighty J (from Beach Walks #334 and Beach Walk #364 has released their CD! Please go buy your copy at and tell them Beach Walks sent you!

Hawaiian Word:
kī hōʻalu: slack key
Kanekapila: making music (technically not a true Hawaiian word, but it’s what we say when talking about sitting around together and making music.)

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Beach Walks with “Doc” – 336

We’re on a roll: meet the producer of Mighty J, Doctor Trey!

I met “Doctor Trey” through the Hawaii Association of Podcasters. He’s an influential person in the music industry here. His talents (and his students, including Jake Shimabukuro) keep expanding in so many directions!

He says he never likes to be on camera, but some magical combination of Mighty J’s energy and being at the beach…and he decided to walk with us. The more I get to know Trey, the more in awe of him I am. He teaches Ê»uku.lele, he is a Nā HōkÅ« Hanohano award winning record producer and sound engineer, he has taught himself to podcast (audio and video), built several web sites, and is a new dad!

We had him over for dinner tonight to meet our friends Eric, Stacey, and Kaile. Eric is going on a second tour of Iraq, so Trey’s going to give him some uke lessons so he can take the sweet sounds of aloha (along with our thoughts and prayers) with him.

Meanwhile, here is a link to Kimo Watanabe’s MySpace page. Kimo – please be on Beach Walks sometime!

Hawaiian words
Hanohano: glorious, magnificent
Hōkū: star

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Beach Walk 335 – Mighty J Part 2

Mailani, Tiki, and Jenn of Mighty J, an all-women band from here in Hawai’i, debut a new song, “Girls Night Out.”

I love this new song by Mighty J.

We met these awesome wahine on yesterday’s show:
Mailani is one half of the local favorite, Keahiwai one of my favorites. Here’s Mai’s MySpace page too,
Tiki is from Milo Shade,
Jenn plays with Kanalo and Simple Souls.

More laughter and aloha in today’s show. Listen to the lyrics; they are right on.

Hawaiian words
Wahine: woman
Mele: sing, music
Kolu: three

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Beach Walk 334 – Mighty J Part 1

Meet the Mailani, Tiki, and Jenn of Mighty J, an all-women band from here in Hawai’i.

These women have each made their mark in other bands:
Mailani is one half of the local favorite, Keahiwai one of my favorites.
Tiki is from Milo Shade.
Jenn plays with Kanalo and Simple Souls.

You can hear one of Jenn’s songs on Beach Walk #98.

I think these women are awesome: so much talent, personality, and a solid positive message that goes along so well with Beach Walks. I think you are going to love this episode, and…if you want to know more you can listen to an audio podcast over at 808Talk with V Brown. He just interviewed them last week.

I found out about this band from my friend Doctor Trey. He is a recording pro and has a very popular podcast about the Hawaiian music scene.

Big shout out also to Secret Cameraman for arranging a two-camera shoot on this one and putting together an episode that captures the beauty and energy of Mailani, Tiki, and Jenn. (Those are MySpace links.)

Coming tomorrow! A world-wide debut of a new song by Mighty J. Be sure and check out their blog and vidcasts.

Hawaiian words
Wai: water
Leʻa: joy, pleasure, clearly, perfectly
Wailea: a place name in Hawai’i

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