Beach Walk 232 OTR – Have you had a massage lately?

Massage is healing for both the receiver and the giver. Meet Amy Zampella of Heartline Wellness Center.

For those of you who are new here, I usually walk the beach with my dog Lexi in Hawai’i. But I am on the road traveling for my job, so you get to come along with me! I like to think of Beach Walks as much as an attitude as a place. A place where we explore the edges of the known world, and think differently.

I visited a friend of mine today, Amy Zampella. She owns Heartline Wellness Center in Albuquerque. I am a big fan of massage, and can easily count the many ways I benefit from it. However I was curious about how it benefits the masseuse, what is it that attracted Amy to this profession.

Hawaiian words
Lomi: massage

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