Beach Walk 649 – Kluge and Improvise

I read a review of a new book, Kluge – The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind that describes a lot of our brain function and memory processes as actually quite improvised, and contextual, not particularly logical or repeatable. That is a contrast to the methodical approach of computers, yet one that suits us being able to take action on the fly. As life becomes less and less predictable, being able to improvise is a more appealing skill IMO. FYI, kluge is a computer term for banding things together in unpredictable ways.

Hawaiian word:
Haku wale: improvise

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Beach Walk 263 Flashback – Ainokea

I almost always film the show in real time each day, but we banked this one before my current trip. I was guessing we would all be wanting some real Hawai’i about now!

On a side note, mahalo nui loa for all of the prayers and love and wonderful comments. My mom is now in a full-on cast (aqua blue BTW) and she is feeling better. Whatever you all are doing, it’s working! She says to thank you very much too.

Living improvisationally these days as I am not sure of my schedule for the next few days. If you’d like to submit a guest episode for Beach Walks, we’d love to receive it! No beach required, just a positive message. Email me at beachwalks at if you have an idea or interest.

We’re on Akimbo! That is a service that lets you download selected programs from the internet and watch it on your TV. Beach Walks is one of only 8 video podcasts to be accepted!

Hawaiian words
Hoʻomanaʻo ʻana: memory

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