Beach Walk 546 – Lost at Sea

We actually filmed another episode on this beautiful (if slightly melancholy) day at Makapuu Point, but alas, we accidentally taped over it!

We did retrieve this footage of the sea though, and I can only wonder, what is hidden in these waves?

Hawaiian Word:
Nalu: wave

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Beach Walk 542 – Empty Mind

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Beach Walk 506 – Wear only your soul

I wasn’t in the mood to talk today, so I created a “Beach Walk Moment” instead.

It is a type of meditation, and in today’s episode, features a poem I wrote about 10 years ago. Think of the sea talking to you.

Mahalo nui to these people whose artwork was included:
Underwater life 2 by iMollo
Falling Nudes by Paul Herman and
Underwater Swimmer by Florena

Hawaiian Word:
Kai: sea

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Beach Walk 456 – Talk gently, like the rain

Now that I’ve learned about green exercise and ecotherapy (see #450) I happily present to you a “Beach Walks Meditation.”

It was raining this morning, and I had meetings in Honolulu this afternoon and evening, so the show format means I don’t skip a day!

You can find more Hawaiʻi proverbs here.
Our episode music is by Spheric Lounge.

Hawaiian Word:
Akahai: gentle

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Beach Walk 281 – Mind Body the Flu Edition

Back on the beach, meditating on making use of the flu.

I’m not “well” but I’m feeling better and so we have a literal beach walk show for you today. I like to use illness and down time as a meditation opportunity. How might my body be opening up my perception? What’s going on with my throat chakra? I don’t buy 100% cause and effect, but I do like the exploration of “what if.”

For more Mind Body visit my friends Jen and Kent at Ebb and

P.S. I passed on the swim. That’ll make Mom and Secret Cameraman happy.

E komo mai (welcome!) to those of you who heard about us from the BBC News Online.

Update – Thanks Peter for the typo alert on the title of this show. It’s fixed. You iTunes subscribers can fix it yourself if you’ve already downloaded the show. Just right-click on the episode and “Get Info.” You can edit the title there.

Hawaiian words
MaÊ»: sick
Puʻu: throat

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