Beach Walk 764 – A Week of Possibility

Enjoy your own deserted beach on Maui! Leave your cares and footprints in the sand, they’ll disappear.

I just love how many cool tools are available now as compared to when we started Beachwalks way back in 2006! While we are working on a new web site design, I intend to share some short mobile videos that I can make on the fly. Let’s get back to the waves and the serenity folks! Coming to you now from the magic of Maui! And this one is in HD!

Hawaiian Word:
Hele hoʻokahi: To go alone

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Beach Walk 698 – Circle of Pressure, Opportunity

I was thinking about the old Sufi tale about the man and his son, and their changing fortunes/misfortunes, as seen across the span of time. Right now with Podcamp, we have a sponsor Road Runner, who offered us 300 30-second TV spots. Wow, that is an incredible opportunity. Of course, it is also pressure. We’ve never made a TV commercial before, and had to do this in the span of about 2 weeks. We assembled the “actors” via a Twitter call instead of a casting call, (as described by my friend and participant Neenz)and filmed on location in the Hawaii Convention Center. Shane did his magic on the graphics, and though homemade to be sure, we love it and hope it helps us spread the word about this free event to learn about new media and the social web.

All this led up to my next level of understanding about “flow.” It is not so much about smooth, which is my first thought, but about movement. Staying in motion without getting stuck on any particular detail or challenge. Water, the original flow, is regularly both calm and turbulent now isn’t it?

Hawaiian Word:
Au: movement

If you purchase a Rama Warrior Meditation Chair, you receive a Free Zendi Portable Meditation Cushion.

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Beach Walk 690 – Rama Warrior Meditation Chair

Beach Walks has a new advertiser, Zen by Design.

Today’s episode takes place seated on one of their lovely meditation chairs, which we took out to a rocky point on the edge of the bay. Most people know I am due for some quiet time, and this chair is supporting me in doing that. The company was gracious enough to send us a free chair to sample. And for you they have a special offer too. If you purchase a Rama Warrior Meditation Chair, you receive a Free Zendi Portable Meditation Cushion. Sounds like a perfect plan for you serious meditators who travel to and from various classes, or maybe you want to gift a friend with one and keep the other for yourself. I can envision these in a corner of an office – it’s like having a meditation room, in a very spare uncrowded sense.

I’d like to know what you think of this, and please do send in your photos (or post them in the Reef) if you end up making a purchase! It goes without saying for our eclectic Beach Walks audience that you can pray or work on your laptop as well as officially meditate in the chair! You get to decide how it works for you. Lexi was doing her own sitting meditation quietly today; I suspect she may want to try out the chair too!

Hawaiian Word:
Noho mālie: sit quietly

Beach Walk 690 Rama Mediation Chair

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Beach Walk 624 – To You Sweetheart, Aloha

I am actually in New York as I write this, and it gave me so much pleasure to be immersed in some archive files and music I found when putting this episode together.

If you’ve been to Hawaii you’ve likely heard this style of music either on the radio or while sipping mai tai’s at the beach watching the sunset. Or maybe as you view Kanoe Miller dance the hula at the Halekulani Hotel. It conveys so beautifully the feeling of those swaying palm trees; I just love it.

I also want to dedicate this to Tommy Sea, who is finally selling his house in Michigan and will be Hawaii-bound very soon. It’s been a long haul for him, and he certainly understands Aloha. If you liked this, please purchase the song; info immediately below.

Easy and Sophisticated HulasCharles Kaipo & His Happy Hawaiians
“To You Sweetheart Aloha” (mp3)
from “Easy and Sophisticated Hulas”
(Mahalo Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

P.S. I will be at Podcamp NYC this Fri and Sat.

Hawaiian word:
Ipo: sweetheart

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Beach Walk 614 – Humanity on the Horizon

It was raining today and I didn’t sleep well this weekend, so rather than rough it in the elements, I chose to stay in and create a meditation for all of us.

Today’s episode is dedicated to Chris Brogan – you were in my heart tonight Chris. And by a strange coincidence, we were both Tweeting today at the same moment, about this article in the New York Times concerning the Web World of 24/7 Stress.

I love also that this music led me to the music of the Indigo Musicians. Their links are below.

Spa-Music to Relax ByIndigo Musicians
“Falling Leaves” (mp3)
from “Spa-Music to Relax By”

Buy at iTunes Music Store

Hawaiian word:
ʻIlikai: horizon

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