Beach Walk 673 – Sunlight and Skin Cancer

You know I like to present the other side of the coin frequently, and today this regards the blind allegiance to sunscreen and fear of the sun that has been commercially developed over the past decade. There’s ample research that sunlight also prevents skin cancer, and the increase in skin cancer actually correlates nicely with the increase in sunscreen! You can hear my watch my first treatise on this here, just keep in mind I shot and edited that myself, and it’s a little long. The info is still good though! I hope you hop over – there are a lot of good links in that post!

For the locals; I shot this at the boat ramp. Hard to understand how we have lost so much sandy beach front in only 2.5 years.

Hawaiian word:
Lā: sun
Mālamalama a ka lā: sunlight

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Beach Walk 267 OTR – Sometimes frivolous…

My sisters and I refer to our parents’ house as the black hole of time. So it’s a short show today on laughter therapy!

The TV is often on in the background here and usually I don’t like that. But I caught a segment on CNN featuring Dr. Madan Kataria’s Laughter Yoga therapy. People get together in groups and just laugh for 20 minutes. Forced laughter. Spontaneous laughter. Any old kind of laughter. So I hope you get a few laughs out of today’s show. You’ll see that I did! Call the conch line and share your laughs with me. 🙂 (See below.)

Hawaiian words
ʻaka: laughter
Lāʻau: medicine

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