Beach Walk 733 – Numbers Have Energy

Our car is 6.5 yrs old but has only 40,000 miles (eh – living on an island!) I have way more miles in my frequent flier accounts than the odometer of the Ford Escape.

Statistics can prove anything. Old Thinking: That’s bad! New Thinking: Use math to my advantage, to help me feel better, so I become untethered to what is holding me back.

Not to lie or manipulate per se, but to use .5 as half full, OR half empty. Both are true. Which interpretation feels better for me for now?

I personally value emptiness as much as fullness – it all depends on the situation.

Hawaiian word:
Helu: number, counting

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Beach Walk 653 – Risk: Math v Emotion

Recently a mom in NYC (writer Lenore Skenazy) allowed her nine-year-old son to take a subway ride by himself.

She approached this situation with a lot of consciousness and planning. She makes a great case for her actions and I agree with her. Risk can be managed so much more consciously than most of us do.

Read Lenore Skenazy’s original article in the New York Sun.
Watch a video from the Today Show with Lenore and her son Izzy.

Hawaiian word:
Hōʻaʻano: to take a great risk

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Beach Walk 427 – 80-20 Rule Revisited

We sacrificed some sound quality to bring you into the beautiful water with us. It went along well with the topic anyway, the Beach Walks version of the 80-20 rule! Look “deep” and you might get a glimpse of Secret Cameraman.

How flexible are you in balancing productivity with pleasure? How do you break the energy when you get in a funk?

Shout outs to CC Chapman and Chris Brogan who helped inspire this episode.

Hawaiian words
Makemakika: math
Hoʻonui: to enlarge, multiply

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