Saying Good Bye to Lexi Dogg, Sort Of

photo of Lexi Dogg on the beach in Lanikai, 2000 - 2014
The internet famous Lexi Dogg died. We are celebrating her life. Please share your stories – we’d love to know about them.

Lexi was a celebrity dog of the internet era, making her debut in 2006 as the star of Beach Walks with Rox. Within the first year, she had fans from around the world who would send her birthday cards and gifts, who left comments for her, and who found her on the beaches of Hawaii to take her picture. Aside from the nearly 780 episodes, she is a fixture in countless home movies and pics taken by travelers to Hawaii! [Read more…]

Beach Walk 716 – Volunteering to Vocation

More and more brave souls are leaving their “known worlds” for life as an adventure, the kind without a job for a safety net. Decades ago the book appeared, Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow that really knocked loose some hard-formed notions. Still, only one generation has grown up with that message, so it has barely made a dent in our global consciousness. Some people are using volunteering as a step in that direction. Such is the story of my friend BJ Wishinsky who is now at Anita Borg Institute and also Joe Philipson the photographer who is helping to define a whole new sector: social media photographer.

I’d also to thank the many volunteers who helped on Podcamp Hawaii. Judi Clark was both the WordCamp wrangler and the one who helped me track and acknowledge the many volunteers on that event. Kyle Nishioka was the tech and venue manage and did a wonderful job working with our many vendors. Shane Robinson aka Secret Cameraman built the website and set up all of the live streaming, plus created a very cool desktop application that allowed attendees to fill out evaluations on the spot while watching the live stream or following the Twitter stream!

Update: Twitter friend @carakitty also got a job at a Vet office after volunteering at the animal shelter.

Hawaiian Word:
ʻAʻa; volunteer

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Beach Walk 677 – An Investment in Friendship

We are still traveling hence the light shows this week. We filmed this last week so we would all have an extra dose of beautiful Hawaii! It’s about a different way of looking at love, using friendship rather than romance as the guide. Ever notice how we treat friends better than lovers, once the relationship has been around for a while? I think we sometimes expect too much of a partner, as if somehow love means losing me in favor of your wishes. This episode was inspired by something my mom told me – and her birthday is this weekend by the way. We’ll be honoring her 84 years of determination and self-reliance, generosity and indeed good friendship.

Hawaiian Word:
Pilialoha: friendship

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Beach Walk 668 – Love Heals, Love Hurts

My niece broke up with her boyfriend recently. She has just graduated from college (with all kinds of honors) but unfortunately IQ does not protect you from a broken heart. Somewhere in the pain is a gift. And in the meantime, some pretty scenery to move our attention to something else.

Hawaiian word:
Lapaʻau: heal
ʻEha: hurt
Aloha: love

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Beach Walk 588 – Aloha means I Love You

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you wonderful peeps!

Hawaiian Word:
Aloha: hello, goodbye, I love you

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