Beach Walk 299 – Your Input Please

We’re planning to take some time off work and do some actual planning for Beach Walks! We’d love your input.

We have so many ideas for Beach Walks. But so little time, as it is a pet project that we squeeze in our spare time. We’d love to be able to go out and shoot a lot more of the amazing things going on here and deliver up a wider range of content. So, like a lot of online video producers, are looking for ways to monetize the show.

First Question: Who do you think would make a good sponsor for Beach Walks? It can be a general type of company or a specific company. If you know of a personal contact at a specific company, we would love an “e-introduction.” You can leave your general recommendations here or email me with any personal contacts or suggestions.

Second Question: If we created an online radio station, Beach Walks Radio, similar to what Dan mentioned yesterday, would you come and listen and tell your friends to listen too? We could stream Hawaiian music, Beach Walks snippets as well as longer, in-depth discussions, and feature a lot more of what’s happening in Hawaii. There are licensing costs for this, so again we’re looking at ad/sponsor money and/or have micro-subscriptions for ad-free content.

Third Question: Would you use a discussion forum to have more interchange of ideas among us, in more depth, and be able to talk about “Beach Walkian” things?

Let us know!

Hawaiian words
Lohe: listen

Be in Touch!