Beach Walk 32 – Process v. Product

Come along with me and Lexi for the beginning of a gorgeous sunset and a little talk about enjoying the process as compared to investing heavily in the product or outcome.

About Today’s Show:

I had my #2 yammering in my ear today about how she likes other people’s shows more. The #2 (aka “inner child”) is pretty exclusively focused on the end result of anything I do. To her, that is all that matters, as it holds the (once and for all) key to permanent happiness.

I prefer to get my happiness in the moment, as I have no idea what the ultimate outcome will be, or even when it will occur. Product is a great thing to provide inspiration. “Let’s do a daily video on my beach walk!” But for me, the energy would go sour fast if I ended up suffering too much “just to get a show out.” I treasure my beach walks, so my process right now is how do I keep that pleasure, and then share it with you, so it has a chance to magnify? There is a Tantric saying I am reminded of now: “As I receive pleasure, so the Universe receives pleasure through me.” There are other places for you to find prepped and polished shows about the beach or Hawaii. I offer this show as a chance to be here now with Lexi and me, enjoying the process.

Hawaiian word
Holoholo: to go out for pleasure

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Beach Walk 23 – Think Tech Hawaii

A special edition for show number 23 of Beach Walks with Rox.

About Today’s Show:

I was a guest on Jay’s weekly radio show today, so we have a few clips for you from the interview. Lexi stayed home to catch up on her napping, but she plans to be back on the beach with us tomorrow! We did an hour show, plus about 30 minutes of recorded “after the show” discussion. I’ll add links when the audio is all processed and available. Jay, a lawyer by trade, really “gets it” and I am betting he will become a great supporter of audio and video podcast technology.

Note: On the iPod rejecting videos, it’s actually an iTunes thing. A recent iTunes software update started rejecting all videos that were not .m4v. Apple knows about it and said they are working on it. Hopefully they’ll have a fix out quickly. If you right-click on a video and choose “Convert selection for iPod” then it works fine.

Hawaiian words
Lekiō: radio
ʻōlelo kūkā: discussion

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Beach Walk 16 – Thoughts on Hard

E komo mai to show number 16 of Beach Walks with Rox.

Fresh off an hour of good, hard paddling, it’s an opportunity to shake loose the notion that working hard is always better.

About Today’s Show

Paddling in the six-person outrigger canoe frequently presents me with a parallel experience for the rest of life. I’ve inherited the WASP work ethic which is based on working hard, all the time. Only wimps rest. But in reality as I learned today, we can paddle the hardest when coming off a series of changes that were long, relaxed and easy. We built up the reserve, and we burst through to a new glide. Now that is fun! When I am rested enough, there are few things I enjoy more than a good hard, physical workout. Hard works best when it follows rest.

Hawaiian words
Maha: rest, at ease, comfort
Hoe: paddle, to paddle

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