Beach Walk 685 – In Support of Changemakers

One of the profound yet not often acknowledged (by me) benefits of living in community with other people is that some choose to be the ones who go forward into the unknown, and those adventures ultimately inform and inspire the rest of us. I often think of myself as one of those explorers. Sometimes though, I feel pressure to have to always be on the front line. Today’s episode honors those others who have shown me the way, especially my parents, Blanche and Bill.

Hawaiian Word:
Loli: change, transformation

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Beach Walk 141 – Leading and Following

Lead or follow? Doesn’t matter. I’m interested in the where and how.

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About Today’s Show

One of the things I want to do with Beach Walks is tease apart automatic assumptions and conversations. One old assumption has been that leaders are more important and valuable than followers. I think they are co-creators as it takes both to get anything of size accomplished and indeed many others share this perspective.

What is a more relevant discussion for me, is not what, but where and how? If leading, where are you leading others to? The same old destinations in the same old manner? Or to new ways of thinking and acting, that motivate us to resist primal urges? My mom saved an article for me on a couple in Seattle who were foregoing a lot of yuppie comforts to reduce their impact on the environment. That’s what I am talking about.

If you prefer following, who do you follow? The people who inspire you or the people who frighten you? I prefer the former–people who by their actions, trigger new thoughts in my mind, new feelings in my gut, more kindness in my heart. Sometimes it is to emulate, other times it is to compete, and still others it is to be a part of something bigger.

Hawaiian words
Hahai: follow
Alakaʻi: lead
Ulu: inspire

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