Beach Walk 356 – Kimo Watanabe Part 2

Today Kimo Watanabe sings a beautiful old song written by Emma Bishop, with a few cameo appearances from his daughter Alia.

You can now buy Kimo’s songs on

Please visit Kimo online. Mahalo nui again to Doctor Trey for connecting Beach Walks with Kimo.

Kimo Watanabe on SellaBand

Kimo has gracefully shared with us the lyrics (in English) of the song he sang. It was written in the 1800’s after a visit to the island of Kaho’olawe. Read more about Kaho’olawe at Wikipedia.

Kaho’olawe – Emma Bishop

You are proud, indeed
Kaho’olawe, famous land
You are so cherished
With your hinahina

Enjoy the water
We seek shelter from the chilly rain
On Kaho’olawe

Abundant, the hinahina blossoms
Incomparable, the breeze that blows
The wind named Kiu Ke`e
Of the cliffs

The refrain
My thoughts return to my home
And my friends

Hawaiian words
Kino: body
Piko: navel

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Beach Walk 355 – Kimo Watanabe Part 1

Yet another amazing Hawaiian musician on Beach Walks! I hope you enjoy Kimo Watanabe.

Many of you have heard Kimo’s music on this and other Hawai’i podcasts. You can now buy his songs on And he is working on an album too!

Kimo has a very interesting history and you will learn about old Hawai’i by listening to his stories as he traces his lineage all the way back to Tahiti. Please visit Kimo online.

You can find Auntie Genoa’s music here.

Tomorrow Kimo will sing a beautiful old song written by Emma Bishop.

Hawaiian words
Hānai: foster, adopted
Lālani ʻohana: lineage

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