Beach Walk 696 – For the love of paddling

Join me as I chat with a friend of mine and Lanikai Canoe Club keiki coach Ricky Bermudez.

The kids are 8 to 10 years old, and though the official season is over, Ricky still meets with them once a week on Sundays so they can continue paddling. That is truly the Aloha spirit in action.

Hawaiian Word:
Hoe: paddle
Keiki: child, children

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Beach Walk 89 – Keiki Canoe Race

Race shots of the kids at the 11th Annual George Perry Memorial Na Keiki O Na Wa’ Race.

h3. About Today’s Show

I had some microphone issues today and I was very disappointed about that. But then I remembered: this is a time to make lemonade out of lemons! After all, what’s the use of those clever/grating motivational sayings if I don’t take advantage of them.

The kids did awesome today in the ferocious winds and you can see how much fun everyone was having.

Lanikai Canoe Club created this event — the first long distance race for kids. Everyone who comes to race gets to race, which is very different from the short distance regatta events that only allow one canoe per club per age group. That means lots of kids end up “warming the sand.”

Visit the Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association to visit the other club websites.

Hawaiian words
Keiki: children, youth
Waʻa: canoe

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