Beach Walk 731 – Juggle!

One of the things that is becoming well understood these days is how no one knows everything and how we can really benefit from providing energetic support to each other. One way this plays out, is in how the Beach Walks philosophy has contributed to a new book by Ian Sanders, Juggle! Rethink work, reclaim your life. Now, I have the luxury of seeing some of the ideas I’ve pondered put onto the page, co-mingled with several great minds! And the opportunity is to continue reflecting and putting more of it into practice – taking ideas into action.

In this episode I talk about Chapter 7 – Get Unplugged. Taking time off from the treadmill of life’s ingrained habits and automatic assumptions is a powerful juggler’s tip. I am learning from Ian who has transformed his own life. I am hoping my walk catches up with my talk this year.

Hawaiian word:
Juggle: hoʻoleilei

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