Beach Walk 667 – Give and Take

I am embarking on a plan to get more balance in my giving and taking.

I’ve tried this before, and I keep ending up on the over-giving side of things in many areas of my life. I am realizing I have some judgment hurdles to dismantle if I am going to be successful at this. But just like exercise, it’s important to work the neglected muscles, not just the favorite ones. Of give and take, which action seems easier to you?

Hawaiian word:
Hāʻawi: give
Lawe: take

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Beach Walk 442 – Judgment vs Preference

We came across a traffic situation today that ticked me off. I could make up all sorts of reasons to justify my position. But at the end of the day, I didn’t have enough information to really know what was happening.

pisode here. | 3:16

Rather than feeling lost or hopeless though, I realized I can still have my preference for how things turn out, without dissing anyone else. Today’s episode was filmed at Kakaʻako Park in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi.


Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻokolokolo: to judge

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Beach Walk 381 – Up, Down, It Is All Beautiful to Me

Hawaiian word for the day: lalo. Let’s take some of the charge off the concepts of up and down.

It’s no wonder we have trouble understanding each other sometimes. The same word can have so many different connotations, which spill over even when unintended!

Up usually means good and down usually means bad but really, they are just location pointers not value judgments. Let’s get down with not being down on ourselves!

Hawaiian words
Lalo: down

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