Beach Walk 334 – Mighty J Part 1

Meet the Mailani, Tiki, and Jenn of Mighty J, an all-women band from here in Hawai’i.

These women have each made their mark in other bands:
Mailani is one half of the local favorite, Keahiwai one of my favorites.
Tiki is from Milo Shade.
Jenn plays with Kanalo and Simple Souls.

You can hear one of Jenn’s songs on Beach Walk #98.

I think these women are awesome: so much talent, personality, and a solid positive message that goes along so well with Beach Walks. I think you are going to love this episode, and…if you want to know more you can listen to an audio podcast over at 808Talk with V Brown. He just interviewed them last week.

I found out about this band from my friend Doctor Trey. He is a recording pro and has a very popular podcast about the Hawaiian music scene.

Big shout out also to Secret Cameraman for arranging a two-camera shoot on this one and putting together an episode that captures the beauty and energy of Mailani, Tiki, and Jenn. (Those are MySpace links.)

Coming tomorrow! A world-wide debut of a new song by Mighty J. Be sure and check out their blog and vidcasts.

Hawaiian words
Wai: water
Leʻa: joy, pleasure, clearly, perfectly
Wailea: a place name in Hawai’i

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