Beach Walk 439 – Take a Blogger to Work

I had a great dinner meet up last night with Jim Long of Verge New Media and the news pool covering the US Secretary of Defense, led by Jamie McIntyre, CNN’s Senior Pentagon correspondent.

It was a table full of really smart, friendly, people who clearly have an extra power gene or two that allows them to have traveled from the east coast and be awake for over 24 hours with no visible decline in function.

I enjoyed asking a lot of “why doesn’t the mainstream media do this and that?” questions and though I guessed correctly at many of the answers, I was impressed with the curious balance of cynicism and sincerity various people expressed. Jim has been talking about this also and Jamie mentioned his observation that people are too often arguing about the wrong point, distracted really from the issue at hand, going at it for the sake of divisiveness.

Our solution to bridging the many gaps and removing the either/or extremism argument from new vs old media?? Take a blogger to work day. Learn how and why mainstream anything works the way it does, blog about it, and learn how blogging works, and be interviewed about it. Any takers? Show me some interest and we’ll put this ball in motion. I already have ideas of how we could get the word out.

As I was writing these notes, my intuition kicked in and I did a search for “take a blogger to work.” I found this article, Take a Blogger to Lunch by Keith Jenkins of the Washington Post!! I love the internet and how it enables synchronicities. And the topic wouldn’t be anywhere near opened without mentioning Chris Brogan’s coverage of the topic.

Please check out Jim’s site, Verge New Media. You can see a few pictures on flickr. I wish I had taken more photos, but I tend to be very respectful of people’s privacy, especially the well-known. My memories will suffice for now. 🙂

Hawaiian Word:
Hana: work

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