Beach Walk 295 – Unintended Benefits

I’ve been learning that several of our clients watch Beach Walks from time to time. It’s creating some very positive unintended consequences.

It’s so easy to get stuck in a mindset, where the legacy of so many before us says, “You can’t do that!” “You can’t have an honest, candid relationships with a client or with a co-worker.” “You have to protect your turf or they’ll use this or that against you!” Or, “It’s just business; people aren’t interested in getting into that sort of stuff.”

I disagree. Mind you, I don’t believe in turning business deals into relationship counseling. But I do believe in bringing more consciousness, more caring, and more consequences to them. Beach Walks is a great way for me to show another side of myself without having to get too personal on the job. And it has created opportunities for some of our clients to trust me more, to open up to me about some of their challenges, and both of those things make the work part more manageable.

Show Links:
Jeffrey Pfeffer, of Stanford University
The Knowing-Doing Gap by Jeffrey Pfeffer

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Pōmaikaʻi: good fortune, blessing

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