Beach Walk 760 – Hula Lesson with Lopaka

We’re on Maui for the Celebration of the Arts at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua. Come take a hula lesson with us from Kumu Hula Lopaka Bukoski.

I was hired by the Maui Visitors Bureau to assemble a team of new media bloggers and podcasters to participate in a week-long press trip to Maui. You are the lucky beneficiaries! In this first episode, filmed on-site at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, you get to meet my kumu hula, or hula teacher, Lopaka Bukoski. I think you will be mesmerized by his knowledge, his lyrical use of Hawaiian chanting and language, and of course by the dancing! In Hawaiʻi, many of the kumu are men, and just like in this class, both men and women are hula practitioners. By the way, you can see the staff of the Ritz-Carlton performing in the lobby especially for this weekend of Hawaiian culture at the end of this episode.

Learn more about the Celebration of the Arts here, and please go explore the VisitMauiBlog for more stories, photos, and videos of our week on Maui. It is the perfect way to spend a little time on Maui and to plan your next vacation or business retreat. Mahalo nui to the Maui Visitors Bureau for inviting us to be their guests.

Hawaiian word:
Hula: dance

This episode was sponsored by the Maui Visitors Bureau.

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Beach Walk 641 – Wise Words with Cubworld

We all met Cubworld back in Episode 465 and Episode 466, and more recently, heard his amazing song, Wise Words, on Episode 632 – Island Adventure. He is the second person to qualify on Sellaband which is a social network site for emerging musicians. Born in Tonga, Cubworld has resisted his musical urges in favor of fine art for many years, but the song keeps coming back to him, and it’s easy for us to see why. Watch and listen as he talks about being an independent musician and plays for us too.

If you are local, you can go to his concert this Friday night at BYU Auditorium in Laʻie.

Cubworld at Bare Feet Shop – support both Cubworld and Beach Walks
Cubworld on MySpace
Cubworld on Sellaband
Cubworld in iTunes

Hawaiian word:
Naʻauao: wise
ʻŌlelo: word

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