Beach Walk 719 – Internet Improves Communication

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“Internet Improves Communication” – or at least it does for some of the people some of the time. It can also intrude on other people’s conversations, it can be full of falsehoods. Nonetheless in this episode I am talking about the upside of the internet’s tools to connect us and add to our sense of community and ability to know more about each other. The “Pew Internet Family and Life Project”: keeps finding that overall, in the aggregate, more people feel they have better communication with family members than before the internet. I know this to be very true in my family.

Hawaiian Word:
Launa ʻōlelo; _dialog, communication_

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Beach Walk 655 – Gossip is Losing Power

Last week Barack Obama launched a new web site Fight the Smears to be able to respond to false attacks and politically-motivated slurs. It reminds of which is a non-partisan site run by the Annenberg Foundation. In the old days, someone could start a rumor or make a claim and it was very difficult to combat it. Once it made it onto the airways, where media and communication was in the hands of a very few, one bad story could make or break a person.

Not anymore. Bloggers and journalists alike can put forth their own view of the “facts” and more than ever we can choose whom to believe and support. I like that. If you are interested in new media, please consider coming to the New Media Expo in August. Shane and I will be speaking there and it is the original annual event for professional podcasting.

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Hawaiian word:
Pā wale: vulnerable
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Beach Walk 499 – Visualize Your World

Great inspiration for a Monday!

Meet my guests Marliss and Steve Jensen of Minneapolis, MN. They are both artists, and both consciously visualize the world they want to live in. And you get a chance to learn a little about the Hawaiian state fish: Humuhumnukukuapuaʻa.

Update: Marliss and Steve have launched their new web site! Please check it out:

Hawaiian Word:
Kuhi: imagine
Hana noʻeau: art

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Beach Walk 436 – Bikini Culture, Internet Culture

Patricia Lange, a fellow at the Annenberg Center for Communication, wrote an article for the Barnard Center for Research on Women discussing in part how I use bikinis occasionally on Beach Walks specifically to be true to our local beach culture and to break the stereotypes associated with them. She did a lovely job; I recommend you go read the article.

In thinking about culture, I also remarked that the internet is a culture of its own too. CC Chapman recently congratulated a caller who had reported on his progress leaving comments on websites. That was a homework assignment CC gave at his PodCamp New York session. And one I suggest often also! It’s a great way to have a cross-cultural experience.

It’s possible have a cross-cultural experience just by visiting the person across the hall or across the street from you!

The Vulnerable Video Blogger: Promoting Social Change through Intimacy

Hawaiian Word:

Huakaʻi: travel, trip

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