Beach Walk 319 – Upside of Information Overload

I used to be very stressed by information overload. Now I find it liberating.

When we first started podcasting over two years ago, we also started giving public talks on how to do and why to do it. Invariably, people would ask: if everyone is creating their own media when am I going to find time to listen to it all? And we all had visions of the world exploding from too much stuff!

Now, I realize that this can be liberating. I don’t have to worry about missing something; I can find it (or something equally entertaining, informative, useful) later on the internet. I don’t have to print things, save things, archive things, as I can find them again later – or find things even more entertaining, informative, or whatever.

Parallel to this are people like Colin Devroe who inspired today’s show with his comments about unsubscribing from some of the things that he once thought were critical to his happiness. He is simplifying. getting outside more often. Trusting that the the support we each require will continue to be available.

I like that. Happiness is an inside job – not from stuff – they are conveniences and/or distractions.

Hawaiian words
NÅ« hou: information
Kūʻokoʻa: freedom

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