Beach Walk 693 – Get Your Gravatar

A while back we added a “plug-in” to this site, that shows the photo or avatar for each commenter, if you have created an account for yourself at

That way any blog that uses this plug-in can display your personal graphic, instead of showing the default pic chosen by the site owner. Your account is attached to your email address, which is always required when you want to leave a comment on a blog. Learn all about how to do it in this episode. I want to see your faces people!

Hawaiian Word:
Kiʻi: picture

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Beach Walk 674 – How to Embed Video in a Web Site

You know, some things Shane and I just take for granted. Then we realize the ignorance of our ways. Such is the case on “embedding a video” on your web page. We thought “everyone” knew how to do that but we were wrong. People have been emailing me asking how to do it, since I have mentioned it a few times. So let’s have a little lesson at the beach today. Please let me know of this makes things clearer for you! And if not, ask your questions and we will do a part 2 as desired.

NOTE: Looks like I forgot to “publish” this last week. Here it has been sitting in the cue hidden from you. So sorry! Rox

Hawaiian word:
Mahele: share

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