Beach Walk 312 – Hope and Optimism

Hope is fed by optimism. What are you optimistic about?

Jane asked in a comment a while back for Beach Walks to talk about hope (after we had been talking about faith v trust.) Meanwhile, Joe sent me a link to The Edge asks a question at the beginning of each year, and many well-known thinkers provide their opinions.

So I thought we could do something related as a Beach Walks episode! I would love to hear what you are optimistic about, and Secret Cameraman and I will put it all together for an upcoming episode. Here is my idea:
* Submit a video clip, audio clip, or text statement answering the question, “What are you optimistic about?”
* If you submit audio or text, please consider providing us with a snapshot of you we can use int he video.
* Please provide your name (first only is fine), your location if you want, and in 2-3 sentences your answer. (Keep it short and to the point!)
* Send it to us by January 10th, and we’ll assemble it for episode #325. Email us with your answers and ideas.

Ideally, submit video at 640×480 in .mov format. Deliver it to us using these free services:

If you prefer, leave your comment on the Conch line and send a photo; we’ll put it together!

Thank you to our closing round of Kaimoku donors!
Carole, Deb & Eddie, Mike, Noel, Pauk, Peter, and Rich.

Mahalo to those of you who contributed to the Kaimoku royalty drive. We raised $166 Sand Dollars. Secret Cameraman suggested that our small business, Bare Feet Studios (which underwrites Beach Walks) match that, so $322 will be given to Kaimoku! You can go purchase a CD too so you can have it at home! Jonnie mentioned that you may find it also at Booklines Hawaii. The price at Bare Feet Shop varies from time to time, so check them both if you like.

Hawaiian words
Manaʻolana: hope

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