Beach Walk 12 – Upside Down

E komo mai to show number 12 of Beach Walks with Rox.

I asked for your help yesterday and it worked! The sun is breaking through today after two weeks of some of our worst weather this winter.

About Today’s Show:

The water is still closed for swimming, as the heavy rains have overwhelmed the sewage system and somehow managed to drag all sorts of crap out to sea. Lots of folks are talking about the beach closings, but a survey in PBJ found that 0% recommend watching TV as an alternative! Too many other cool things to do in Hawaii. But I am pretty sick of talking about the weather!

So next up was that today is show #12. 12 is one of my favorite cards in the Tarot. It is the Hanged man. Being the optimist, I take it to mean being willing to turn my world upside down in order to be happier, freer, more me. I’m the type that is willing to try just about anything most days, if it’s going to help me offload some burdens or obstacles to happiness. I certainly don’t always feel like going down to the beach to walk with Lexi. But so far I always feel better when I do, so I do.

So I am doing a head stand gazing out to sea and having Lexi shake water on me when I hear this man talking to me about Madonna and how she once said, “When someone tells me I can’t do something, that just makes me want to do it even more!” I learned later he is a particle physicist from Ithaca named Jon (John?). I meet some interesting people on the beach.

Hawaiian words
kōkua: help
hulihia: overturned, a complete change, turned upside down

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