Beach Walk 73 – Asking for Help

Let’s go for a swim!

h3. About Today’s Show

Lexi and I went swimming today. Another opportunity for me to clear my head and talk about another big shift from last century to know. It’s becoming normal to ask for help. I have lived most of my life with a deeply ingrained resistance to it but I am slowly discovering the pleasure of it all.

Hawaiian words
Help: kokua
Noi: request
Mahalo nui loa: heart felt thank you

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Beach Walk 38 – Peaceful and Private

Lexi and I invite you to join us for a private walk in the rain along Kawainui Marsh.

About Today’s Show:

I have discovered that my relationships thrive when I get adequate private time just for me. Not having to think about or talk to or interact with anyone else. It takes special friends who understand this and don’t take offense when I take a pass on getting together, regardless of the occasion.

Read more about Robert Probst, the inventor of the office cubicle (famed for the loss of privacy at work though not the intended purpose – it was meant to be more collaborative than cage-like) and long time employee of Herman Miller.

Hawaiian words
Pilikino: private
Maluhia: peace, tranquility

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Beach Walk 37 – Let’s Paddle

This is a rare chance to get out on the water from the vantage point of a 40′ outrigger canoe on a cool, silvery morning. We went straight off shore looking for whales.

About Today’s Show:

Otherwise, welcome to my first solo show. Shot with a little still camera in 20 second clips, held at arms distance and no mic! A challenging combination of broken video camera and first day of cameraman gone. I had fun! (Though for sure the quality is not what you marvelous viewers have grown accustomed to…and a little late to the server too!)

The new camera has arrived though, so I look forward to getting back up to speed tomorrow. Say some prayers for my cameraman; he’s so concerned about my having to do a month of shows on my own. his blood pressure is already too high and I don’t want to push it! I have found two guest camera-people. Remember, I’d love to have some guest film makers join me the month of April.

Mahalo nui loa to may patient paddler friends who indulged me in the filming. Mary, Stacey, Maggie, Oma, and Mollie – the gracious one who shares the WaÊ»a lele with all of us.

Paddling background music is by Torchomatic

Hawaiian words
Leokū pākahi: solo
Waʻa: canoe
Hoe: paddle

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Beach Walk 36 – Help!

Special guest today!

About Today’s Show:

My secret cameraman (and editor) is going to the mainland for the month of April. He’ll be in Santa Fe, London, and Dublin; if anyone wants to meet him, I think I can talk him into breaking cover! It’s going to be a wild time in his absence as I attempt to continue our daily beach walk. Please continue sending me your love and support; it will help!

I am looking for guest camera people who would like to be part of Beach Walks. I have a few fun things planned that I can do on my own, and pending the weather, a few other adventures that might be near the beach but not on it. If you are interested, please be in touch! I can meet you anywhere on Oʻahu.

Video Podcast Tip: It turns out that most people must not use a microphone input on their prosumer cameras. We spent quite a bit of time (and a blooper run to Costco) chasing after cameras without a mic in. As mentioned in Beach Walk #9 our wireless mic is a necessity when shooting along the windward shores of Hawai’i. But this is isn’t the first time we discover we’re in the minority on something.

Hawaiian words
Kokua: help
Malama pono: take care

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Beach Walk 13 – Jin Shin Jyutsu

E komo mai to show number 13 of Beach Walks with Rox.

Weekends definitely help me relax and wander into a realm that is more heart-centered. Please join me and Lexi for a meditation on Kailua Beach and learn about the practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

About Today’s Show:

Raves to Gina, our masseuse, who treats us to lomi lomi and amazing energy work twice a month. I am at a loss for words to describe what she does, other than to say she keeps my stress and paddling kinks from getting the best of me.

She’s been doing some jin shin jyutsu, one technique of which I had actually self-administered many decades ago without knowing! I just love when these life experiences come ’round full circle.

To relieve your woes, just hold the representative finger, and focus on your breath. I find it quite effective. Thumb = worry, Index Finger = Fear, Middle Finger = Anger, Ring Finger = Sadness, and Pinky = Pretense.

After meditating, I realized our Hawaiian shaka is right in sync too: no worries and no pretenses!

Hawaiian words
Hoʻopīhoihoi: worry
apo: circle, circuit

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