Beach Walk 666 – It’s Not Too Late to Take a Vacation!

Tell your self and your boss you want a vacation – it helps stave off heart attacks and is linked to direct health benefits!

Americans work too much for our well-being. A link has been shown between less vacation and more heart attacks, not to mention lower productivity. Americans appear to be the worst offenders, while our hard-working German counterparts take an average of 35 vacation days a year! Here is Norm Brodsky’s article from Inc that I mentioned also. It’s a perfect opportunity for us to help each other get unplugged from the knee-jerk response of over-working.

Hawaiian word:
Hoʻo mahana: to rest; vacation

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Beach Walk 652 – To Do List Discipline

It’s a Monday update on my learning to manage all of my To Do’s.

After a few weeks, I have some very stale items still on the board. Some of them are understandably longer term items, like house remodel tasks. I am working on moving them out of the way, so their place on the board makes sense. But then there are other personal items that I am just plain avoiding! The board is really helping me see how I favor client work over all else in my life. I also realize how much discipline it takes to do the list items first and foremost.

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Hawaiian word:
Aɘo ikaika: discipline

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Beach Walk 643 – Tired Cranky, Rested Happy

Given that things are never black and white, I still like having little tricks that can help me 80-90% of the time. In today’s case, it is remembering that one of the main causes of crankiness is just plain being tired. In fact, just by remembering that point all by itself, I can relax and not let the little things “get to me” regardless of my sleep deficit. Step 1 = understanding the connection between fatigue and short fuse (get sleep when possible). Step 2 = realizing that the crankiness is not related to my current situation (move back to center as I detach from the distractions).

Hawaiian word:
Māluhiluhi: tired
Maha: rest

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Beach Walk 635 – Love Your Feet, Go Barefoot

I read this article called You walk wrong exploring lots of new studies showing how modern shoes (with even a minimally raised heel) are not good for the feet!

So naturally, being a barefoot fan and owning a company with Shane named Bare Feet Studios, I love to be barefooted. So give it a try, though do protect your tender feet from surfaces that may not be as sweet as the white sandy beaches of Hawaiʻi. Enjoy those handsome backward-walking feet courtesy of Secret Cameraman and Lexi’s slow march too!

Barefoot Running Shoe

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Hawaiian word:
Wāwae: foot, leg

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Beach Walk 583 – Flexible Formulas

I’ve had this darn cold for two weeks now and it’s having a hard time going away. Mind you, I have not been helping it!

Working late, adding more to my work load for some time-sensitive projects, keeping up with the day job instead of taking a day or two off to rest or even taking a nap now and then!

But part of the fun of being a grown up is I get to reject my own advice now and then and push hard for things I really want to accomplish.

Hawaiian Word:
Holuholu: flexible

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