Beach Walk 721R – Green Exercise

This episode is on the added mental health benefits of exercising outdoors, in the beauty of nature. I can attest to its success! And so can Dave Murr, who wrote about Nature, the Best Natural Antidepressant.

Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻo Ikaika Kino; exercise (to make a strong body)

Note from Roxanne: Regular viewers know I have been offline most of December, helping my Mom and Dad who are facing my Dad’s likely final stages with cancer. I am getting some energy and time opening up, but the weather here has been rainy so we are going to share some earlier episodes with you until I get back on my feet. Thanks for your patience and remember, we do this completely free for nearly three years. Much as I love you, our viewers, and Beach Walks, we’ve just run out of extra time for a little while.

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Beach Walk 713 – Thinking Makes Us Hungry

Are you like me? Staying up late working on my computer tends to make me hungry. It seems like I am burning calories, and that warrants having a snack. Well, apparently the brain is tricking us a bit by creating a hunger connection without the usual caloric expenditure. So over time, the less you sleep and the more you are thinking the more likely you are to gaining weight! Guess it is time to use my brain to ignore what my brain is telling my tummy. This research was done at Laval University in Quebec.

Hawaiian Word:
Manaʻo Think

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Beach Walk 692 – Master Cleanse, Master Change

Have you heard of the Master Cleanse, sometimes called the Lemon Cleanse?

I did a while back for 10 days, and shared a few insights about it in today’s episode. For me, it was not about the specifics of the program as much as it was about taking a dramatic step to wrestle free from some hard to change habits I no longer wanted.

Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻopau: to stop, cease

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Beach Walk 688 – Things We Don’t Understand

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This past year the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii has been very active. Periodically we have “vog” – a combination of volcanic ash and fog. The skies are gray, and the air quality is “suspect.” I recently read a -state- federal health official stating: “We really don’t know what the health effects might be”: I really admired Rich Nickle for speaking the truth in that way. We are all so smart these days, and quick to blame or feel entitled, when really, there is far more unknown than known. And after today’s stock market experience, it seems as relevant as ever to “cultivate comfort with uncertainty” while paying attention to your own specific requirements. Some people (children and the elderly in particular) tend to be more sensitive to the vog. Your mileage may vary. The truly brave can check out this very vintage “Beach Walk #66”:

Hawaiian Word:
Maopopo: _understand_

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Beach Walk 679R – EFT Works for Me

Please enjoy this summer replay! This was a continuation of a Beach Walk 389 from Santa Cruz with a demonstration of the calming and clearing technique, EFT.

Emotional Freedom Technique: EFT.
You can also read another review here.

That’s a California sea otter featured at the end of today’s show.

Hawaiian Word:
Nui important

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