Beach Walk 330 – Happy Hour Helps

Secret Cameraman and I have started stopping work at 5:30 to talk over the day and prepare dinner together. It’s had a profound impact on our energy levels.

Sad to say perhaps, but we used to just work straight through until one of us got hungry and went into the kitchen to make dinner. Then we would eat, and often head back to work.

Instead, we now stop work at 5:30-6, and make dinner together while discussing our day, new biz ideas, and our plans for tomorrow. I am amazed at how much energy that little tweak in our schedule has opened up! Even if we have more work to wrap up after dinner, this break really helps us feel like we have a semblance of a life and more energized about the evening.

Olá to our visitors from Brazil!

Hawaiian words
Hauʻoli: happy

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