Beach Walk 710 – The Witches of Lanikai

It was a dark, cold, stormy day on the water but the witches of Lanikai were out paddling in their pointy black hats. Lexi was warding off the bad spirits.

Hawaiian Word:
Hoe: paddle

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Beach Walk 250 – Witch’s Brew

The witches were out on the water reminding me to cackle away my worries about the shadow side of life.

Our paddling group is a playful bunch. Today we wore our black hats, paddled the shoreline, and wished our fellow beach goers a Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat. Turns out Halloween is celebrated in a number of countries.

It got me to thinking about the darkness, and of our “shadow self” – the parts we like to ignore or that go unclaimed until they rear themselves loud and proud! But surrounded by aloha and cackling witches, I am reminded not to take mistakes and public goofs too seriously. After all, if I live through it, it will make a great laugh!

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Hawaiian words
Poʻeleʻele: darkness
ʻeleau: period of darkness
Laʻa uli: sacred darkness
Lele uli: to dispel darkness

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