Beach Walk 721R – Green Exercise

This episode is on the added mental health benefits of exercising outdoors, in the beauty of nature. I can attest to its success! And so can Dave Murr, who wrote about Nature, the Best Natural Antidepressant.

Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻo Ikaika Kino; exercise (to make a strong body)

Note from Roxanne: Regular viewers know I have been offline most of December, helping my Mom and Dad who are facing my Dad’s likely final stages with cancer. I am getting some energy and time opening up, but the weather here has been rainy so we are going to share some earlier episodes with you until I get back on my feet. Thanks for your patience and remember, we do this completely free for nearly three years. Much as I love you, our viewers, and Beach Walks, we’ve just run out of extra time for a little while.

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Beach Walk 555 – Lexi’s Limo Buys Carbon Offsets

By a curious coincidence, Santa came a day early, and the very day after Shane and I watched, Who Killed the Electric Car on DVD last night!

Lexi now has her very own limo, and I no longer have to decide between driving around town to do errands (with Lexi’s fine company) or using my bicycle and dealing with Lexi’s major moping mood at being left at home.

Plus! We will be offsetting about 6 lbs of carbon offset for each little trip to the beach! This definitely feels good, and so do those calories I am going to be burning in my neglected thighs, which hopefully won’t be producing too much CO2 either. 🙂 And in case you are worrying about the calories required to fuel these bike rides, both Lexi and I stay away from McDonald’s as a matter of habit.

Hawaiian Word:
Mele kalikimaka: Merry Christmas

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Beach Walk 88 – Clean, Green, and Beautiful!

Join some radical environmentalists for tea and fashion along the beach.

h3. About Today’s Show

Today is a special visit to a private home along the beach for the annual membership meeting of the Lani-Kailua Outdoor Circle. Don’t be fooled by the ladies in hats and floral dresses as this group is responsible for the successful 50-year effort to keep billboards out of Hawai’i!

I hope you can feel how deeply the spirit of aloha is infused in our every breath and how it is possible to be passionate about our beliefs and still maintain gentility.

Here is the bill, HB2708 to prohibit vehicular billboards.

You can contact Governor Lingle by phone: 808-586-0034, by fax: 808-586-0006 or via her website contact form.

Only four states ban billboards, Hawaii, Alaska, Maine, and Vermont. You can visit the New Rules Project to learn how you and your community can reduce billboards.

During the informal modeling of the bathing suits, I was encouraging the ladies to wear bikinis. Through the laughter, was this wise comment from Joanne Flannery:
“We live not to impress but to enjoy!”

Mahalos to our special guest, Mahina Souza. Please enjoy her Hawaiian chants and family songs. And to guest director, Kris Krengel.

Hawaiian words
Akahai: kindness
Lokahi: unity, togetherness
Oluʻolu: gracious sharing
Haʻahaʻa: humility
Ahonui: patience & perseverance

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