Beach Walk 175 – People talkin’? Who cares!

Gossip is another one of those things with mixed messages. You can’t stop people from doing it, however you can stop caring about it when they do!

h3. About Today’s Show

We had one of those discussions in the canoe today… I have a different training strategy, in that I think people perform better and enjoy it more when they can restores themselves periodically. Either by taking a sip of water or stretching for a few strokes. We were at a disadvantage today as we were in the heavier canoe, short one paddler, as compared to the racing canoe with all six seats filled with experienced paddlers. I told my crew we were going to keep paddling to stay up with the other boat, but to take their own little break as needed to stay strong.

Some long time paddlers think this is a huge no-no. I happen to disagree, based on my many years as a personal trainer and with my own personal experience. One of the women said very candidly, “oh but we always gossip about people later if they stop paddling at all!” (I love that honesty!) To be sure when someone stops paddling, literally everyone else has to pull your weight for you. But I am talking a few seconds here, not minutes. And I am talking about our morning leisure paddle, not a sprint distance race. A few seconds or a few sips really can take the edge off and keep a paddler strong versus going downhill in effectiveness.

So they gossip about you! Who cares, especially if your little break enabled you to have a much more enjoyable paddle. That’s my take anyway. What’s yours?

Hawaiian words
Lawe ʻōlelo: gossip

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