Beach Walk 434 – Timeout by Kaile

I was reminded of the value of timeout by my 2 year old friend Kaile. She knows when to take one; I seem to wait until after I’m too tired to do much more than spew.

Lots of people believe that little children really are tapped into a deep sense of understanding about how life works, only to lose it over time in the grand socialization process. It sure does help in the relationship department, knowing when to say when.

You can see a little more of Miss Kaile in episode #351.

Hawaiian Word:
Luhi: tired

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Beach Walk 433 – Mechanics of Friendship

The art and science of friendship continues to be on my mind these days.

I spoke a while ago about fair weather friends; then Hawaiian-style friends. Continuing into a deeper space, are the rare and true friends, the friends you get close enough to, to hurt and be hurt by. The friends who penetrate your heart, just like the bee who stung my toe the other day on the beach.

It occurs to me that hurt hardly exists without that deep connection; they seem to go hand in hand. That helps me remember to calm down the #2 who feels so “all or nothing” in troubled times, and step back in off the ledge.

Beach Walk #387 – Fair Weather Friends
Beach Walk #428 – Hawaiian-style Friends

Hawaiian words
Hoa: friend

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Beach Walk 428 – Hawaiian-style Friends

Trying out a new mic today. A bit too sensitive this one. Picked up too much ambient sound and so even these small breaks on the beach are too loud. More experiments tomorrow.

My good friend Alana sent me an email with a list of differences between “friends” and “Hawaiian friends.” It really rang true for me! In short, in Hawaii friends are open-hearted, not at all formal, very intimate both emotionally and physically, and will be there for the long haul. It’s rather different than “fair-weather friends” I talked about in Beach Walk #387. I am happy to have both, and my preference is Hawaiian style.

As is typical, there were no credits on the email, but a big mahalo to whomever wrote that list! A big hug awaits Alana for sending this my way. And here are some virtual hugs to my online friends, new and old:
Jim Kirks, Jen and Kent, Mindy Clark, Eclectic Journeys, Doctor Trey,, Joe Cascio, Ryanne & Jay, and Zadi & Steve.

Hawaiian words
Hoaaloha: friend

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