Beach Walk 382 – Embracing the Foreign in Chinatown

Off to Chinatown for dinner, and a discussion about embracing things different and foreign.

It boils down to feeling safe and secure on the inside. With that in place, trying on new people, places, and things becomes fun and curious.

It’s so easy to stop at the first reaction to something different, which is often a negative judgment. I like the phrase, curious rather than critical. And the food at Little Village Restaurant is too good to pass up!

For more proof, watch Toby Bloomberg’s “cat and dog love fest on her Diva Marketing blog. Cats and dogs are “supposed to be” foreign to each other, but that’s not true for Max and Tab! Toby and I are going to be on a panel together (along with Penelope Trunk and Remi Adams) at the BlogHer Conference in NYC March 22-23.

Hawaiian words
Malahini: of foreign origin
NÄ«ele” inquisitive, curious

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