Beach Walk 194 – Free Food & Flowers

Take a tour of the condo grounds and let’s pick some free food and flowers.

h3. About Today’s Show

Well, we’re on a working vacation, wanting to keep this year’s time share points from expiring without use. It’s A-OK with me though, as I don’t mind working and it’s such a treat anytime I get to come to the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. 🙂

Take a tour with me before the rain starts as I show you the flowers and natural beauty of the west side of the island.

And hauʻoli lā hānau to thtis week’s birthday girls, Carlie and Connie!

I am looking for some guest Beach Walks episodes. If you would like to submit one, here are the guidelines:
* 3-5 minutes in length
* On a beach or not
* With a dog or not
* Spreading aloha – or positive energy
* Podsafe music (if you want to use music)
* No copyrighted material unless you have written permission

Hawaiian words
Hoʻina: food gift
Pua: flower
Melia: plumeria flower
Hauʻoli lā hānau: happy birthday

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Beach Walk 180 – Made in Hawaii – Ono-licious!

Join me for the last trip through Made in Hawaii for some ono kine grinds.

h3. About Today’s Show

There were so many wonderful food booths at the Made in Hawaii Expo we had to devote a whole show to them! I only showed you items that I have taste-tested and personally enjoy, so please shop with confidence at these web sites!

Alii Kula Lavender
Hawaiian Vanilla
Kona Coffee Council
Rainbow Falls Connection – yes, that coconut butter lavosh is ono-licious!
PacifiKool Ginger

Of course you get a little glimpse into how trade shows are run in Hawaii too as you meet the entrepreneurs behind each of these companies.

Hawaiian words
Kalo: taro
Kula: open pasture

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Beach Walk 113 OTR – Treat Your Taste Buds

I’m in Santa Fe, New Mexico this week, walking in the arroyo today talking about Ayurvedic eating.

h3. About Today’s Show

There’s a new restaurant in town, Annapurna, “the place for healing cuisine.” Santa Fe is packed full of healers and those wanting to be healed – you can find virtually any type of practitioner imaginable from the common to the most esoteric.

I have found the practice of Ayurveda very helpful in my life. It began in India thousands of years ago, and is increasingly popular and relevant today. Today I talked about the six tastes, and how feeding each of them regularly helps to manage weight and food cravings. Like most things, I use what I like and leave the rest alone.

Take an Ayurveda Self Test
Learn more about the six tastes
In-depth info for balancing your constitution

We’ll be announcing the winners of the promo contest tomorrow!

Hawaiian words
aʻalolo hoʻāʻo: taste bud

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Beach Walk 77 – ʻOno Kine Grinds

Hey, let’s go to the Farmer’s Market and check out the ‘ono kine grinds (the yummy food) and flowers!

h3. About Today’s Show

A little change of pace today to share some of the good eats we have here in Hawai’i. For me, there is something special about eating the food that’s grown right nearby, as compared to being shipped in from a far off place. Mind you, living here on the island we depend on stuff shipped in from far off places, but nonetheless I think the home grown goodies taste ever so special.

Background show music by Sunburn in Cyprus, “Your Smile.

Hawaiian words
‘Ai: food
Pua: flower
‘Ono: delicious

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