Beach Walk 681 – The Energy of Tasks

Like many people, I set out an agenda for the day with a list of action items. Some items seem to take forever to get done though, and I have come to realize that not all tasks are created equal! They each actually require a certain level of attention and energy, and a select few really require a lot of focus and privacy, several hours free of any distractions. And many days I just don’t have that large of a block of time.

Hawaiian Word:
nānā: to pay attention

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Beach Walk 525 – Periscope Down

All this talk about multitasking…it’s time to talk about its corollary – deep focus, being in the flow, in the zone.

I find it a wonderful experience. And goodness knows there are plenty of things keeping us from being able to focus for periods of time.

Intel now has no email Fridays, when employees are encouraged not to use email for internal communications. I love that idea. I’ve taken to checking it far less often during the day, other wise it can easily turn into the tail wagging the dog.

Hawaiian Word:
Kahe: flow

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Beach Walk 425 – How and Why to Just Ask

All too often we over-complicate things or just plain give up, when we could instead, “just ask.”

Today’s episode talks about two things to get organized in your mind if you want to ask for something this week. It’s pretty straightforward really, and the odds are definitely better than not bothering to ask at all!

I’m going to be interviewed by the Blog Squad this Thursday, May 17th at 3 pm PDT. (Check your time zone here.) This is a live show that encourages call-ins! I’ll be giving away a gift box of Hawaiian goodies to the first person who calls in with the correct answer to my question. Hints are being delivered in Beach Walks episodes this Mon, Tue, and Wed.

Hawaiian words
noi: to ask a favor
nīnau: to ask a question

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